Valentines day pranks

Classic pranks you can pull on during valentine’s day During valentines everyone is looking for a valentines or a date to prove that they are not forever alone. I am on of the person who likes to take advantage of those people’s desire.

  1. The letter; there is two ways you can write a letter for this prank
    1. you can write a letter pretending you the person’s crush and totally diss or fake ask then out.
    2. Or you can write in perspective of a person who has a crush on the person and the person dislike, maybe someone nerdy of geeky.
  2. The nasty chocolate;chocolate is a common gift during valentine day because of their sweet deliciousness. the last thing a person would expect is for it to taste the opposite, salty, sour, of just plain gross. Here is how to make is first you want to melt chocolate to do that you have to place the chocolate in a bowl and place the bowl in a pan full of water then boil the water. When the chocolate melts add literally anything you want. Then place the new substance in a small compartment then serve
  3. Gift; You can give this gift by buying a gift,maybe something the person dislikes and give it to them with out then knowing its you. You can even write their crushes name if you want. 
  4. Bug attack; give a person a “gift” or a fancy box filled with bugs

well thats it

Until next time little arrows….