The second book in Veronica Roth popular book serious finally came out as a movie on March 11 in America. However I only got the privilege to watch is heart-racing, dramatic, romantic movie yesterday( march 22), even then being the first of my friend. So for those of you that have yet to watch the movie yet, or just wanted to but more coal to your already bright flames for divergent  I am going to give a movie review.

  1. Was it similar to the movie?- Actually, no. Before I watched the movie I heard the book was too short and lacked events for it to become a long enough movie so the director added a few thing, mainly the box. However most of the story line is the same a just as interesting as the book
  2. What is the box?- The box is a message from the founders of the 5 fraction(Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite). It is meant to be opened when the state of the society is at risk. the thing is that only a divergent strong enough to pass 5 simulations based on the 5 fractions.
  3. What happened to Four and Tris’ relationship?– their relations is going well and the learn to trust each another. However both have a secret the they have no told each another that could change their it all.
  4. What happened to Tris’ family?– Her mother and father unfortunately were killed while they were trying to protect Tris. Caleb (Tris’ brother) is stile alive however and event accuser where they are separated. But don’t worry because these siblings are going to meet again
  5. What about Jeanine?– her right hand is stile injured from the having a knife stabbed into it in the last movie, other wise she is fine. Jeanine is trying to find a divergent that can open the box so she is turning the whole country upside down to find that person along with the help of a few selected dauntless and erudites

Well that all. I personally enjoyed the movie even my brother who watched with me enjoyed it. However there are a few inappropriate scenes, but they’re too bad, stile don’t set next to your parents when you watch it. I have to be truth full there was a scene that made me want to cry, but it’s not as sad as the fault in our stars
Until next time little arrows…..