WordPress random exploration

Hey every one i was looking around the toolbar in word press and i saw a button that can change the color of you words and many other things like this §. I decided to show you guys how to do it 

  1. first you want to open your new post page and look at the tool bar (the bar above you text box). At the right side there is a button that has a figure that looks like a key board, click in it. 
  2. If you click on it there is many buttons
    1. the bar with the word paragraph written on it allows you to change the format of your word

    2. the U with the underline underlines words
    3. the A with and under line changes the color of the words
    4. ♣ ∞the horse shoe gives you the symbols ∞♠
    5. the two buttons after the horse shoe relocate you text
    6. the curved arrow let you undo or redo your work
    7. the question mark will give you a page with the keyboard short cuts on it

Thanks for reading I know it was short and most of you probably know it but I just found it today so if wanted to share it with you

Until next time little arrows ….