Nail art

Even as a girl I am not to girly growing up with a brother however I enjoy nail art. Nail art is a simple art that can reflect your mood and express you self, plus it will go along will with your outfit. Nail art is not as comlex as people make it so here are a few simple ideas you can us to have beautiful nails.

Image result for leopard print nail

Leopard prints

Image result for french nail


Image result for polka dot nail

polka dots

Image result for galaxy nail


Image result for stripes nail

strips, hint don’t move your brush rotate your finger slowly instead

If you are good with your hand and can’t achieve this simple design you can simply use unique polish straight form the bottle


Image result for glitter polish

sequence (large)

Hope you find this ideas use full when ever you get into a dilemma.


DIY bracelets

I love making my own bracelets. You can make it to fit your mood and size. Here are a few of my favorite bracelets.

  1. Chain and rhinestone bracelet


2. nautical rope bracelet

3. Chandelier charm bracelet

4.Electric bracelet

Until nest time little arrows………

Valentine day treats

So, for those of how are stile writing ‘2014’ on your paper, not in touch with the world or just single and wish to forget it, Valentines day is apon us. Valentines day is one February 14, just 24 days from today (January 21), valentines mean valentines treats , I’m going to show you a valentines treat that you can share with you loved one or eat by you self watching a bit of Korean drama. The good thing is it doesn’t involve chocolate like many other valentines day treats

Rice Krispy Treats

you need …

2 cups of marshmallows

3 cups crispy rice cereals

3 teaspoons of butter or margarine

I also would suggest red food coloring just to get it more valentine like.

First melt the butter on a pan with low heat on, when that melts put in the marshmallows and let that melt, don’t forget to mix every thing together

Remove from heat and the rice crispy, mix until even

You can add the red food coloring with the rice crispy you probably only need 1-2 drops , food coloring is hard to estimate so put less so you can just add a little later.

spread on a pan evenly cool then  use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the treats out.

Hope you like this easy treat, doesn’t require chocolate like most other valentines treats

Until next times little arrows……