So, if anyone is wondering my profile is a Pokemon named Bagon. I choose Bagon because I thought that our person alike Bagon is very hyperactive and hard-headed,literally it has rock instead of hair. It spends all its per-evolution trying to fly and is very persistent. When it can’t fly, Bagon would break the ground and rocks with is head, feisty. I have Bagon’s stamina and persistent, also i always daydream about my fantasy future.

Comment below which pokemon your most like…..

Until next time little arrows


Ciao, Welcome to the Arrow

Hi, welcome to the Arrow.

At the moment I have absolutely no idea what this blog is going to be about however what to share my interest and hobbies with everyone in the… world I guess, since the internet is open to the whole world. I have never made a blog or anything like this ever, unless I had in my last lives or I made one while I was asleep or something, so I am stile lost in the wilderness trying to find something I know and learn more about this world of blogging. I think that all I have to say for now so….

until next time little Arrows