Computer Class

Hi, its been a while but now i have some thing to say. Now that summer is approaching I wanted to talk about a recent class I attended because it’s almost over. This class is a computer class where I learned many things about computers that I have never known before like audacity, blogging, and photo-shop.

As I said my class learned about blogging, every student in our class was required to have one. When we made on each and every on of them was different form the theme to the number of posts posted and its topic. We were going to use google’s blogging website however that required everyone to have a Gmail and not every one had that some had other emailing sources so we moved to WordPress. However WordPress had its own issues.  If more than one blogger tries to make a blog it would lag and take forever.Stile it was nicer then the google blogging site and I learned to enjoy it. But as most of you can see by now I and a every lazy person and hardly update at all, which I am every sorry about. I really liked having this blog to share the things I enjoy with others.

Next was  recording site called Audacity. Audacity is a free app that you can download onto your computer and it allows you to record and manipulate your voice and other sounds. We had many projects like writing a short fairy tale for little children that takes 3-5 minutes to read and record your self reading it. I had a hard time writing my story cause I have either a large imagination that requires me to write and 1000 page story or  no imagination at all. As so I am really bad at reading out loud, I’m fine reading to my self and giving a presentation. In addition to that we had to make a power point that is synchronized with it. I think the project would have gone much smoother if we changed the time of the project, instead of doing this at the end of rainy season when it still rains, doing it at the end of the year when it barely rains would be better.

Next we learned to do photo shop on another app called Gimp. Gimp is like photo-shop except its free. I learned many thing ,so  many that I can’t even say all of it. We leaned to make gifs, collages, merging and more. I have to admit the one thing I disliked about Gimp was that we learned form videos which I personally find hard to understand and see, I liked it better when my teacher thought me.

Until next time little  arrows..  



The second book in Veronica Roth popular book serious finally came out as a movie on March 11 in America. However I only got the privilege to watch is heart-racing, dramatic, romantic movie yesterday( march 22), even then being the first of my friend. So for those of you that have yet to watch the movie yet, or just wanted to but more coal to your already bright flames for divergent  I am going to give a movie review.

  1. Was it similar to the movie?- Actually, no. Before I watched the movie I heard the book was too short and lacked events for it to become a long enough movie so the director added a few thing, mainly the box. However most of the story line is the same a just as interesting as the book
  2. What is the box?- The box is a message from the founders of the 5 fraction(Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite). It is meant to be opened when the state of the society is at risk. the thing is that only a divergent strong enough to pass 5 simulations based on the 5 fractions.
  3. What happened to Four and Tris’ relationship?– their relations is going well and the learn to trust each another. However both have a secret the they have no told each another that could change their it all.
  4. What happened to Tris’ family?– Her mother and father unfortunately were killed while they were trying to protect Tris. Caleb (Tris’ brother) is stile alive however and event accuser where they are separated. But don’t worry because these siblings are going to meet again
  5. What about Jeanine?– her right hand is stile injured from the having a knife stabbed into it in the last movie, other wise she is fine. Jeanine is trying to find a divergent that can open the box so she is turning the whole country upside down to find that person along with the help of a few selected dauntless and erudites

Well that all. I personally enjoyed the movie even my brother who watched with me enjoyed it. However there are a few inappropriate scenes, but they’re too bad, stile don’t set next to your parents when you watch it. I have to be truth full there was a scene that made me want to cry, but it’s not as sad as the fault in our stars
Until next time little arrows…..

Nail art

Even as a girl I am not to girly growing up with a brother however I enjoy nail art. Nail art is a simple art that can reflect your mood and express you self, plus it will go along will with your outfit. Nail art is not as comlex as people make it so here are a few simple ideas you can us to have beautiful nails.

Image result for leopard print nail

Leopard prints

Image result for french nail


Image result for polka dot nail

polka dots

Image result for galaxy nail


Image result for stripes nail

strips, hint don’t move your brush rotate your finger slowly instead

If you are good with your hand and can’t achieve this simple design you can simply use unique polish straight form the bottle


Image result for glitter polish

sequence (large)

Hope you find this ideas use full when ever you get into a dilemma.

WordPress random exploration

Hey every one i was looking around the toolbar in word press and i saw a button that can change the color of you words and many other things like this §. I decided to show you guys how to do it 

  1. first you want to open your new post page and look at the tool bar (the bar above you text box). At the right side there is a button that has a figure that looks like a key board, click in it. 
  2. If you click on it there is many buttons
    1. the bar with the word paragraph written on it allows you to change the format of your word

    2. the U with the underline underlines words
    3. the A with and under line changes the color of the words
    4. ♣ ∞the horse shoe gives you the symbols ∞♠
    5. the two buttons after the horse shoe relocate you text
    6. the curved arrow let you undo or redo your work
    7. the question mark will give you a page with the keyboard short cuts on it

Thanks for reading I know it was short and most of you probably know it but I just found it today so if wanted to share it with you

Until next time little arrows ….

Valentines day pranks

Classic pranks you can pull on during valentine’s day During valentines everyone is looking for a valentines or a date to prove that they are not forever alone. I am on of the person who likes to take advantage of those people’s desire.

  1. The letter; there is two ways you can write a letter for this prank
    1. you can write a letter pretending you the person’s crush and totally diss or fake ask then out.
    2. Or you can write in perspective of a person who has a crush on the person and the person dislike, maybe someone nerdy of geeky.
  2. The nasty chocolate;chocolate is a common gift during valentine day because of their sweet deliciousness. the last thing a person would expect is for it to taste the opposite, salty, sour, of just plain gross. Here is how to make is first you want to melt chocolate to do that you have to place the chocolate in a bowl and place the bowl in a pan full of water then boil the water. When the chocolate melts add literally anything you want. Then place the new substance in a small compartment then serve
  3. Gift; You can give this gift by buying a gift,maybe something the person dislikes and give it to them with out then knowing its you. You can even write their crushes name if you want. 
  4. Bug attack; give a person a “gift” or a fancy box filled with bugs

well thats it

Until next time little arrows….

DIY bracelets

I love making my own bracelets. You can make it to fit your mood and size. Here are a few of my favorite bracelets.

  1. Chain and rhinestone bracelet


2. nautical rope bracelet

3. Chandelier charm bracelet

4.Electric bracelet

Until nest time little arrows………

Dream Detective

Dreams are confusion, I mean in some dreams I’m in a haunted house and the next day I’m in school and taking and doing algebra and art at the same time. Here today we are going to un-code our dreams.

Being Chased/ chasing if your being chased in your dream it can represent close-mind(not excepting information),reject certain aspects of your self, love jealousy hatred, or fear of being attacked. if your chasing in your dream it can represent great ambition or determination of something.

Falling if you’re falling in your dream it can represent lost of control, insecurity, or reckless behaviors

Flying If you’re flying in your dream it can represent a new-found freedom, being released from responsibility or escaping from stress

Test if your taking a test in your dream it can represent lack of confidence, fear of failing, or setting your goals to high

Being naked If your naked in your dream it can represent insecurity, fear of exposure, arrogance, feeling unprepared, or wanting attention Well that’s it, did you learn anything from this about your dreams. But let’s be truth full your dreams may or may not mean some thing un-coding dreams are just a fun way to think about how you night life reflect you days. So … Until next time little arrows….

I rode a cargo dragged by polka-dotted pigs

Many decades ago

in a pink cargo

pulled by polka-dotted pigs

that ate my brothers figs

I saw a shooting star

for the first time but most amazing by far

it shined bright like a gem

and disappeared by a large dam

so i decided to make a poem today

about that day

thought this is all

I will like to tell ya all

Merry new year

and a happy valentines my dear

thought you may be alone

at lest in this century you have your phone

this post is nothing deep of serious, I just posted because I wanted to

Until next time little arrows… 

Valentine day treats

So, for those of how are stile writing ‘2014’ on your paper, not in touch with the world or just single and wish to forget it, Valentines day is apon us. Valentines day is one February 14, just 24 days from today (January 21), valentines mean valentines treats , I’m going to show you a valentines treat that you can share with you loved one or eat by you self watching a bit of Korean drama. The good thing is it doesn’t involve chocolate like many other valentines day treats

Rice Krispy Treats

you need …

2 cups of marshmallows

3 cups crispy rice cereals

3 teaspoons of butter or margarine

I also would suggest red food coloring just to get it more valentine like.

First melt the butter on a pan with low heat on, when that melts put in the marshmallows and let that melt, don’t forget to mix every thing together

Remove from heat and the rice crispy, mix until even

You can add the red food coloring with the rice crispy you probably only need 1-2 drops , food coloring is hard to estimate so put less so you can just add a little later.

spread on a pan evenly cool then  use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the treats out.

Hope you like this easy treat, doesn’t require chocolate like most other valentines treats

Until next times little arrows……