Computer Class

Hi, its been a while but now i have some thing to say. Now that summer is approaching I wanted to talk about a recent class I attended because it’s almost over. This class is a computer class where I learned many things about computers that I have never known before like audacity, blogging, and photo-shop.

As I said my class learned about blogging, every student in our class was required to have one. When we made on each and every on of them was different form the theme to the number of posts posted and its topic. We were going to use google’s blogging website however that required everyone to have a Gmail and not every one had that some had other emailing sources so we moved to WordPress. However WordPress had its own issues.  If more than one blogger tries to make a blog it would lag and take forever.Stile it was nicer then the google blogging site and I learned to enjoy it. But as most of you can see by now I and a every lazy person and hardly update at all, which I am every sorry about. I really liked having this blog to share the things I enjoy with others.

Next was  recording site called Audacity. Audacity is a free app that you can download onto your computer and it allows you to record and manipulate your voice and other sounds. We had many projects like writing a short fairy tale for little children that takes 3-5 minutes to read and record your self reading it. I had a hard time writing my story cause I have either a large imagination that requires me to write and 1000 page story or  no imagination at all. As so I am really bad at reading out loud, I’m fine reading to my self and giving a presentation. In addition to that we had to make a power point that is synchronized with it. I think the project would have gone much smoother if we changed the time of the project, instead of doing this at the end of rainy season when it still rains, doing it at the end of the year when it barely rains would be better.

Next we learned to do photo shop on another app called Gimp. Gimp is like photo-shop except its free. I learned many thing ,so  many that I can’t even say all of it. We leaned to make gifs, collages, merging and more. I have to admit the one thing I disliked about Gimp was that we learned form videos which I personally find hard to understand and see, I liked it better when my teacher thought me.

Until next time little  arrows..